Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello everyone, I am Dot and I am the Chair of the Alumni Board

Hi everyone!

I'm really excited to be writing my first blog post. Perhaps it's necessary to briefly say what we have started and why...

Earlier this year, the CEO of International Service, Jo Baker invited a group of interested Alumni to discuss the possibility of creating an International Service Alumni Board. We started with a completely blank slate, as no other organisation on the ICS programme has anything similar.

After brainstorming and drafting our ideas we officially formed the International Service Alumni board in April this year. We agreed a plan of action, structure, responsibilities and decided that we should appoint a coordinator to assist us.

Now, several months down the line, we are getting into the swing of things with some exciting announcements about events to be revealed very soon. We have been working closely with the Board of Trustees and the International Service staff to put our ideas into action.
We are mainly driven by our love of the people we worked with in country and our ambition to continue our support of them and their communities.

So keep an eye on this blog for all our exciting revelations and make sure to share with friends and family! We hope that a dedicated Alumni Service will provide ICS volunteers with the motivation to continue their interest in International Service and it's wonderful work.

Dot Kirk

Chair of the Alumni Board
Burkina Faso 
April - July 2012

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