Friday, December 6, 2013

Thoughts on the very first International Service Alumni Social.

International Service’s first ever Alumni Social!

One slightly chilly Saturday evening in November was the very first International Service Alumni social! Held at the quaint and suitably named ‘Backpackers Bar’ in Kings Cross, London, the event was set up as an informal way to meet the board, find out more about the alumni service and most importantly to meet friends old and new.

Heading into the Backpackers Bar in Kings Cross

We are really proud to say that the event was a great success! Alumni of all ages had turned out, from placements in Ghana to Bolivia, and it was fascinating to hear about how their lives had changed since being away with International Service! 

It was really insightful and fulfilling to discuss how projects had progressed between different cohorts, and even across the years since the International Citizen Service started in 2011. There were smiles all round as people shared their similar experiences and ‘I knew him/her!’ moments, giving the event a real sense of togetherness as everyone felt they had something in common.

The Alumni board took away some great pointers and ideas from everyone present and we are determined to put into action your suggestions to make the Alumni network better for all!

IS Alumni and Board members chat outside the bar

We really hope those who attended had a great time and we hope to run similar events at other locations in 2014. Where would you like the next meet to be? Why not leave us a comment to let us know.

Richard Poole
Burkina Faso July-Sept 2013

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