Tuesday, May 27, 2014

International Service awards Small Grants Funds to projects

International Service is very proud to announce their first Small Grants Fund being awarded to projects in Burkina Faso and Ghana!  The Small Grants Fund, raised by International Service Alumni, provides grants of up to £250 to our project partners overseas.

The first organisation to be awarded a grant is Tigoung Nonma.  Tigoung Nonma is a women's co-operative that work on livelihoods projects with disabled artisans in Burkina Faso. One project is an outside catering service. By providing catering an income is generated for the members of Tigoung Nonma, and encourages self sufficiency.  Tigoung Nonma will specifically use the awarded fund to purchase a large, adjustable barbeque grill and two metal folding tables.  Having this quality equipment will assist their participation at food festivals and will increase their efficiency, which will allow them to satisfy high customer demand and reach their full potential. 

ICS Team Leader, Alison Salt awarding grant to Tigoung Nonma, Burkina Faso

The second grant has been awarded to Kabeela.  Kabeela is a women’s association situated in a village in rural Burkina Faso. The association aims to help those affected by poverty and promote the women’s income, health and human rights. The women of Kabeela transform Shea butter into a saleable cosmetic product. The award will be used to invest in a Shea butter mixing machine. The new mixing machine will have a long –term effect for the women.  It will allow them to produce a wider range of products and speed up production, subsequently increasing their income and helping their self development.  This will also encourage other women to get involved in the project. 

Valentina, with Kabeela in Burkina Faso

The final Small Grants Fund was awarded to a project supported by our project partner, RAINS situated in Ghana.  RAINS is committed to promoting the rights of the marginalised in society. The small grant will be used by the DINANI cultural group to buy costumes for members of their group. The DINANI group use cultural performance and drama as a means of providing training and education about sexual health to young children living on the streets.  Professional costumes will help them further engage their audience and create a greater impact whilst conveying their message more effectively.

RAINS, DINANI and Miranda, the ICS Team Leader

Finally, we would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has fundraised and donated to the Alumni Small Grants Fund since its launch in January. So far we have raised over £1000 and awarded over £700 to our project partners to allow them to continue and improve their amazing work overseas.

BUT, we're not done yet - the next deadline for applications is at the end of June and we still need more funds to help keep our projects alive! If you would like to make a donation, however small visit www.justgiving.com/Small-Grants-Fund-Alumni  or why not hold your own fundraising event?

Thanks again, 
Sophie Greenwood,
Bolivia Rep, International Service Alumni Board

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