Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My experience with ICS was incredible.

I spent three months in Tamale, Ghana last year working for RAINS. The project, the people and the places were so amazing that I went to every International Service event going when back in the UK. 

At one in particular I heard all about the Alumni Board and all of the great projects they fund. The absolute best bit though was that the Board had funded RAINS to develop a project I worked on. Extremely cool.
So that settled it; I had to join. This is the application statement I sent -

‘I am passionate about the ICS scheme and the development work that International Service is doing. I am keen to spread the word about the programme, the charity, the important work that they do and the effects that this has on those involved both here and abroad.  Secondly, as a member of the International Service Alumni, I enjoy hearing about more recent events and what current volunteers are doing, and so would like to be as involved as possible with the charity.’

Very formal, yes, but also very true. I am very keen on development work, have a personal interest in International Service and have a bit of time on my hands (and hopefully some useful skills).

Unlike application statements, blogs are cool. Less formal and pictures can be included! Here’s a couple that show the incredible landscape of Ghana and another of me happy at work.

That lovely box featured in the photo was used as part of a project that will allow privileged schoolchildren to donate uniforms to less privileged school children, making it easier for parents to send them to school. It was one of four projects that were making a measurable difference to the people of Tamale and the surrounding rural areas.

So to sum up why I joined the Alumni Board – I’m pretty excited to help this amazing work continue.

Niki O'Brien
RAINS, Ghana - July to September 2013

Interested in joining our Alumni Board? Visit www.internationalservice.org.uk/about_us/alumni

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