Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Youth Summit 2015

On Saturday 12th September, hundreds of young people gathered in London at The Youth Summit to help shape the future of International Development.

World leaders have agreed a new set of Global Goals to eradicate poverty globally. The Youth Summit was a chance for young people in the UK to voice their views on global issues. As the next generation of active citizens, young people are crucial in making these goals achievable, relatable, and making sure the world delivers on them.

A conference designed by young people for young people; 300 International Citizen Service volunteers gathered including International Service volunteers who took on the role of Youth Reporters, providing official media coverage all day.

Josh Ho, International Service alumnus spent the day filming and editing content for the official Youth Summit channel. Starting his day recording an interview with Justine Greening, here’s what he had to say: "The Youth Summit had a brilliant energy, even Justine Greening and Mark Lowcock commented on that vibe in the interviews I did. Having a camera was an excuse to listen to other young people out there too and it was really clear that there's a mass of passionate young people connected through ICS."

Our volunteers attended some engaging workshops, run by a large variety of UK charities: Youth Climate Coalition’s workshop on building a green future, discussions on Child and Forced Marriage by #Youth for Change and the Wonder Foundation’s workshop on Local action for global change.  

Lucy Giuliano volunteered with us in Burkina Faso. Attending a workshop to explore storytelling through social media, she gives her rule of three: 

From left to right, our youth reporters on the day
Jonathan Fowle, Lucy Giuliano and Aminata Fofana
  '     Be compelling
  Be captivating
  Be passionate.’

‘‘Storytelling differs to reporting. You need to immediately grab your viewer’s attention before they go and watch a goat video instead. Focus on one issue, speak with authority and assume your audience has no prior knowledge of it.’’

You can read her full overview of the workshop on the Youth Summit Blog:

Aminata Fofana, another Burkina Faso volunteer shared highlights from Our Goals: The Youth Agenda, chaired by BBC Free Speech's Rick Edwards. Focussing on Education, Employment, Gender Equality and Climate Change we learnt that only 2 percent of women in the world are global change makers. Once you educate women, you empower them to contribute to all spheres of society.

Find out other volunteer highlights from the session here:

Josh Finn
, who recently returned from an ICS placement in Ghana found himself more motivated and driven:

"It was a great feeling to spend time talking to young people who have the same views and opinions on the way things are in the world and how they can be changed. Sitting and talking to multiple different people, has reinvigorated me to want to try and do even more to raise awareness." 

Ruth Clark
 who volunteered in Bolivia, told us how discussing Global Goal 5 for gender equality helped put into perspective the work she did on placement, providing financial and employability knowledge to mothers from marginalised communities.  

"Out of 193 heads of government only 13 are women – for me this generally reflects the overall inequality and lack of opportunities for women across the world. I was really inspired to hear stories from other ICS volunteers about women challenging gender inequality in their communities"
Callum Northcote, volunteered to run the stall at the Youth Summit 
What now? 

The Youth Summit ended with an inspiring message from United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. 

"We need your energy, ideas and initiatives, we need you to push governments for results and we need you achieve success in your own right."
As 1.8 billion, we are the largest generation of youth in history, it’s now up to us to turn plans into action and be the generation that make the Global Goals a reality.
Take a look at the Global Goals in depth here: http://www.globalgoals.org/

How can you make these relevant to you in your role as an Active Citizen? 

Aamirah Patel, Alumni Coordinator at International Service 

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